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An organization to promote teaching and research in all aspects of experiential communication.

OBICEX hopes to be an innovative and inspiring project for the youth, and its main goal is to improve their quality of life through professional and human promotion, as well as to reduce unemployment among young people.


  • Our Foundation aims to generate strategic knowledge among citizens, in a way that:
    • they acquire competences that facilitate high qualification employment in all sectors (because experiential communication is a transverse industry),
    • empowers them to start and develop their own dreams and projects, if that is what they wish.
  • help to create jobs and improve the country’s economic promotion, because this strategic knowledge is rapidly growing in the market, due to the following reasons:
    • it’s based on state-of-the-art technologies
    • it’s global and applicable to every nation
    • it will be the backbone of a new industry with unlimited possibilities
  • and, all at the same time, trying to avoid that the lack of economic resources becomes an obstacle for those with interest, will and eagerness to build a future for themselves in this field
citilab Cornella

Likewise, it seems demonstrated that, while a “good education”  is key to improve upon the current situation, it’s also essential that this education successfully connects with the real needs of the labor market, which is constantly changing.

Because of all of that, the strategic knowledge OBICEX defends is immersed in the field of experiential communication, which encompasses videogames, virtual reality projects, augmented reality, e-commerce, etcetera. All of them in a technological field with strong, growing sector with great market demand, according to the Gartner international research center.

Being aware of these realities, and through the enthusiasm and participation of several prestigious educational institutions (both religious and private) with a large tradition in the sector, as well as one person and one organization closely linked to the project, the foundation was built to design the curricular content and obtain the authorization to teach the new Higher Level Training Cycle.

OBICEX (Foundation for the Research and Teaching in Experiential Communication) is a non profit entity enrolled in the Government of Catalonia’s Registry of Foundations, and with the following founding members: Dr. Xavier Salla García, the religious congregations Fills de la Sagrada Família Jesús, Maria i Josep, Mínima Congregación de Siervas del Sagrado Corazón, Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia y Hermanas Carmelitas de San José and the companies Centre d’Estudis Roca and Argos Consultors.

The Foundation has as its main goal to promote teaching and research around all aspects of experiential communication, either directly or in collaboration with other entities, institutions or people that share the same foundational goals.

Because all of that OBICEX, in addition to teach the Higher Level Training Cycle, has a research team composed of doctors, university and high education professors, as well as renowned professionals, developing prospective studies around technologies linked to experiential communication, knowledge transfer and where students can practice.

Its registered office is located in Barcelona, calle Consejo de Ciento, nº. 333, 8 º, CP 08007 and it develops its activities around several sites along the country, like for instance CITILAB (a unique space located in Cornellà, that links the teaching and corporate sectors).


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