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This is an Open Project in which any person or institution willing to contribute in any way can participate.

City-1 is the first Global Smart City project of its kind. It’s a technological and sustainable urban development centered around knowledge management and citizen empowerment.

Emerging technologies allow for new realities, both in personal and social aspects. project focuses its investments in people progress (through constant education, development and research), in social aspects such as clean energy (wind, solar and others) and ecologic transport, as well as basic needs like food and clothing among others, all of this from a technological and scientific research approach that allows to lay down the foundation for a smart, sustainable model that represents the future of cities.

1. Concept and design

Smart City 2In this phase we establish the vision and goals of the project. It’s a period of strategic decisions in which all aspects are considered and analyzed, such as economy, mobility, the environment, the citizens, way of life, government, knowledge management and research.

In this phase we also focus on ways for financing the project, the feasibility of a complementary currency system and other economic sources that make the project viable, along with their advantages and drawbacks.


Centro tecnológicoThe initial proposal is structured around a modular space where knowledge transfer can occur from the research centers to other parts, where they can become practical models and marketable patents.

The Smart City-1 project focuses in modular constructions made of sustainable, low cost and high quality materials, with attractive designs that promote participating interests based on its huge, multidimensional possibilities.


2. Implementation

In this phase we proceed to choose the place where Smart City-1 will be built. We seek the participation of municipalities and supra-territorial organizations, such as provincial and regional councils, with an interest to accommodate the project in its territory and  hand the necessary plots over for the construction of Smart City-1.

Smart 3In this phase all the people and institutions that had showed the will to join the project will participate, each in their own field of expertise. The urban planning will be laid down and the first modular structures will be built, as well as the communication and basic services, the research centers, and the start-up projects, with a working infrastructure with the capacity to support their initiatives and generate both feedback and return of investment for them.


3. Monitoring and development

It’s the supervision, adjustment and consolidation phase of the project. A governing board will supervise the projects evolution and send to the governing bodies those aspects that need to be incorporated, improved upon, modified or suppressed, in a way that makes the project positively evolve until it reaches the stage of replication, in which the construction of new developments in other geographical sites will be proposed.


The project described on this site is an innovative initiative accessible to any interested party. If you wish to receive information about the upcoming “Smart City-1″ events, please send an e-mail to this address: comunicacion@obicex.com

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